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Swallowing evaluation, monitoring and biofeedback therapy

RehaIngest is HASOMED's dysphagia solution for pharyngeal swallowing behaviour evaluation, monitoring and rehabilitation. Designed for speech-language pathologists, rehabilitation physicians, neurologists and ear, nose and throat physicians, the new user-friendly, non-invasive system sets benchmarks for dysphagia prevention and therapy.

Based on a unique two-step EMG and Bioimpedance measurement via surface electrodes on the throat, RehaIngest provides a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the swallowing in real time. The results are immediately displayed graphically.

Due to an increased risk for silent aspiration during sleep, RehaIngest is the world‘s first mobile system equipped with a long-term measurement function. The system monitors the long-term swallowing behaviour up to 8 hours.

The integrated therapy solution offers engaging biofeedback exercises to practice swallowing in a playful and motivating manner. Common beneficial rehabilitation techniques such as the Mendelsohn manoeuvre are visualized to obtain immediate feedback. The biofeedback skill training activates and forces the reorganization of the cerebral swallowing control. Following the principles of neuroplasticity a relearning process is triggered.

RehaIngest - system for swallow measurement in case of dysphagia

RehaIngest in daily practice

The system is very user-friendly and its advanced automatization makes both, set-up and analysis, remarkably easy.

The values are derived via adhesive electrodes attached to the throat. A template makes the precise positioning easier. A measuring module, which serves as an interface between the electrodes and the software, collects the data. The result is immediately displayed on the screen of the included tablet.

The user does not need more than 10 to 12 minutes from the set up to the result.

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RehaIngest - Three steps to use the swallow measurement system

Experience report

A speach therapists experience in swallow measurement with RehaIngest

RehaIngest is a sophisticated assistance system for everyday therapeutic use. It enables efficient screening of a large number of patients in the shortest possible time. The risk of an existing aspiration tendency can be detected early and treated. As a result, the risk of getting aspiration pneumonia can be drastically reduced.


Biofeedback with RehaIngest

Biofeedback can improve patients' understanding of the swallowing process. RehaIngest offers customizable biofeedback modules.

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