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How does RehaIngest work?

RehaIngest measures both - the activity of the submenal muscles (EMG) and the change in the resistance (bioimpedance) in the pharynx via surface electrodes. Single EMG measurement often results in incorrect results due to  head movements, coughing or throat clearing during the measurement. A prerequisite for measuring bioimpedance is the input of current into the body.

RehaIngest - How it works

Electrode positioning

During a swallow, the biosignals show a typical course. The change in bioimpedance correlates with the movement of the hyoid and larynx during the swallowing. At the lateral end of the hyoid a measuring electrode is attached between the hyoid and thyroid cartilage on both sides.
The two current electrodes are placed on both sides of the neck of the sternocleidomastoid muscle (headwander). There is an additional reference electrode at the level of the right or left cheekbones. A template was developed to ensure accurate placement of the electrodes.

RehaIngest Template

What are the swallow-specific parameters?

During the examination, the measurement curves are displayed in the RehaIngest software. An algorithm running in the background performs a pattern detection in real-time. Detected swallows are marked directly on the measurement curves. A graphical feedback on the swallowing speed as well as the duration and extent of the larynx elevation is displayed in parallel. The color marks of the feedback provide information about the ratio of the swallowing to healthy reference swallows.

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