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For which patients RehaIngest can be used?

Our experience refers to patients with stroke, cranial trauma and ENT tumors. The range of application can be extended.

What do the measuring signals show?

The measurement signals (bioimpedance and EMG) provide information of the pharyngeal swallowing phase.

How do I detect a swallow?

Every detected swallow is marked on the measurement curves. Additionally a peak of the EMG activity with a simultaneous increase in bioimpedance indicates a swallow.

How long can I measure with RehaIngest?

RehaIngest is designed for measurements with a maximum duration of 8 hours.

How do I position the electrodes correctly?

Please use the electrode template. You will find a user guide in the RehaIngest software and the manual.

How long does the start-up of RehaIngest last?

With a little practice, it takes less than 5 minutes to start the measurement.

Can RehaIngest replace endoscopic swallowing or videofluoroscopy?

No. RehaIngest can help to decide whether such an investigation is necessary.

Do I need to have RehaIngest permanently connected to a power supply?

No. RehaIngest can measure up to 8 hours without power supply. The tablet must be connected to the power supply after approx. 2-3 hours.

Have there been any problems with the use of the surface electrodes?

No. So far no side effects are known. 

What is Bioimpedance?

Bioimpedance is about the electrical properties of your body (or other biomaterials). Bioimpedance describes how well the body impedes electric current flow. Fat has high resistivity, blood lower resistivity. The medium of the RehaIngest BI measurement is the pharynx. During the pharyngal swallowing phase the changing resistance is measured.

What is EMG?

The EMG measures the electrical action potentials of cross striated muscles and is measured in mV.

Can RehaIngest detect aspiration?

No. The swallowing detection provides information if a swallow was successful or not. The results can give valuable evidences for potential causes of aspiration.

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