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Team HASOMED starts at CYBATHLON in Zurich


HASOMED starts with its own FES Cycling team at the 1st CYBATHLON on the 8th of October 2016 in Zurich. The preparations have been carried out for 2 years together with the Technical University of Berlin and the treatment center for spinal cord injuries at the emergency hospital in Berlin.

The CYBATHLON is a competition for athletes with disabilities, initiated by ETH Zurich.
People with physical disabilities compete, thanks to the latest technical assistance systems, in six challenging disciplines.

The athlete Hanno Voigt is going to take the challenge of the distance of 750 meters, which he intends to overcome with the help of functional electrical stimulation. He’s been paraplegic for 35 years. For the race he switches from the wheelchair to the RehaBike, which has been optimized by the scientists of the TU Berlin according to the demands of CYBATHLON. Hanno Voigt started the training with RehaMove two years ago. The training results among people with paraplegia show that FES Cycling can still achieve positive results even after many years.