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Swallowing measurement with biofeedback

Biofeedback is a method to make physiological processes visible. This feedback should help the patient to influence and control these physiological process.
In RehaIngest, biofeedback visualizes the changes in muscular conditions during laryngeal elevation (EMG). The simultaneous change of electrical resistance (bioimpedance) in the pharynx gives visual feedback about the swallowing success. In the swallowing therapy, clients can learn to influence and control their own swallowing process under the guidance of a therapist and with the help of biofeedback. Successful swallowing attempts are rewarded and the client remains motivated.
RehaIngest offers individually customizable biofeedback modules since 2019. The picture shows the biofeedback module “Hot-air balloon”.

RehaIngest - Lifting and lowering of the larynx during the swallowing phase
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