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What are the main benefits of RehaIngest?

RehaIngest can support therapists or examiners in dysphagia therapy and diagnostics. It allows to measure the larynx elevation of patients, without palpation and without having to observe the patient too much or to interfere.

RehaIngest Benefits

RehaIngest - measurement playback

The direct feedback can improve the first clinical examination (screening). Objectively measured data and the real-time swallowing detection supports or confirms first impression of the patient.

RehaIngest - detailed measurement results

The pre-post comparison helps to evaluate the therapy effectiveness. A report shows the measurement results as tables and graphs, supplemented by notes of the therapist. All reports can be exported as pdf-documents.

RehaIngest - measurement playback

A 3D-animation of the pharyngeal swallowing phase helps to explain the function of the involved anatomical segments. The interplay of the tongue, larynx, hyoid and epiglottis correlate to the displayed data.

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